I have conducted polygraph examinations for the following listed Federal agencies: FBI, DEA, DIA, CIA, Secret Service, and the US State Department. I have also conducted polygraph examinations for numerous state and local law enforcement agencies. I have taught interviewing and interrogation at most of the police academies in the State of New Jersey and at the FBI Academy at Quantico, Va. References can be provided upon request.

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W H Polygraph Services LLC

Polygraph Testing in Pennsylvania

Over 25 years of polygraph expertise.

26 years as a Federally Certified polygraph examiner. Thousands of examinations conducted in all aspects of State, Local, and Federal investigations. Major theft, homicide, serious assaults, white collar crime, and sex offenses.   I have had the opportunity to travel all over the U.S., the Middle East, Central America, Africa, and various locations in Europe to conduct polygraph examinations related to criminal investigations as well as intelligence matters.  I have conducted polygraph examinations related to both World Trade Center attacks, the Anthrax investigation(Amerithrax), The Oklahoma Bombing, and the US Embassy Bombing in Kenya.  

3 ½ years US Army Military Police

6 years Police Officer in Texas

26 years Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation

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Making sure you get the truth.


I believe that the reliability of any polygraph examination is always proportionate to the expertise of the examiner conducting the examination. For this reason, it is extremely important to use caution when selecting an examiner.


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1990 graduate of Department of Defense Polygraph Institute and BS Degree in Criminal Justice- MA Degree in Homeland Security/Terrorism Studies

United States Army Military Police School (USAMPS)- 1972

Non-Commissioned Officers Educational School (NCOES)-1974

Central Texas Police Academy- 1976

FBI Academy Quantico, Va. (New Agents Training)- 1982.

Department of Defense Polygraph School- 1990

Countermeasures Training

Senior Examiners Course

Shooting Reconstruction Training-1997

Post Blast Investigation Training-2000

Numerous additional FBI training sessions and seminars

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